Food Safety is Important! How our dressings are made...

BRC Food Certified

Makoto Dressing manufactures all dressings and sauces at our BRC certified facility in Melbourne, FL.

This assures you of the highest level of quality in every bottle and every batch subjecting our facilities to annual third party audits. BRC, which focuses on food safety, is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked scheme that is widely recognized within the food industry. BRC certification allows food safety and quality systems to be verified and validated throughout the food chain, increasing brand protection, consumer confidence and loyalty. BRC is recognized by retailers, foodservice providers and regulatory agencies around the world that require  food safety and quality management systems by their suppliers.

Competitive Advantages:
  • Recognized worldwide
  • Promotes confidence in food safety, quality and legality
  • Enhances your marketing image
Cost Advantages:
  • Improves process management by helping to proactively identify and manage risk so as to avoid stock recoveries, market withdrawals and rework
  • Increases yield by reducing material waste
  • Streamlines risk and process management
Safety and quality advantages:
  • Addresses food safety requirements
  • Provides proof of due diligence
  • Encourages more responsible agricultural and manufacturing processes
  • Complies with regulatory requirements