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Find our products in the refrigerated produce section of fine grocers across the U.S.

We create our dressings and sauces using only the best fresh ingredients and special seasoning blends resulting in our unique and exotic flavors. Our success comes from our dedication to providing the highest quality products available.

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  • healthy, fresh ginger
  • naturally sweet carrots
  • crisp, crunchy celery
  • tangy, aromatic onions
  • combine to make our uniquely fresh Makoto Dressings.
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Makoto Dressing Inc.
6922 Sonny Dale Dr.
Melbourne, FL 32904

Contact person: Shirley Jimenez
(321) 725-9085

  • Our Start
  • The 1990's
  • Today
  • Makoto's Japanese Steakhouse
    about makoto
    It all started in 1985...
    ... at our Makoto Japanese Steakhouse. We were getting requests to purchase our original Makoto Ginger Dressing. Not long afterwards, we received calls from local grocers in Melbourne telling us that their customers were asking to buy our dressings in their stores.
  • Makoto's Bottling Center
    about makoto
    Then the 1990's came...
    In 1990 we began packaging and selling our line of dressings and sauces to local retailers in Melbourne, Florida. Thanks to popular demand our dressings began to retail outside of the Melbourne area and into the greater U.S..
  • Find Makoto's Dressings at your local grocers
    about makoto
    Today our dressings and sauces can be found at top retailers and independent grocers all across the U.S.
    We invite you to dine at our excellent restaurant and sample our line of homemade dressings and sauces with our table-side prepared meals.